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Ronald Mkiza

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music across all genres worldwide.

Born in Tanzania, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ronald Mkiza is a gifted and established songwriter who set out to perfect a balanced musical vision, influenced by genres as diverse as Hip-Hop and Afrobeat, only to name a few. With this mix and more, his music will surprise you and keep you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. With his tracks, Ronald loves to explore new ideas, and try different things on each song to keep his sound open and diverse. His music has a modern flavour, combined with production that captures a lot of warmth and vibe, highlighting Ronald’s outstanding charisma and his winning creative personality.

After tons of releases, Ronald is back with the track ”I'm On My Way.” The song is a declaration for all of those who believe they ll get there eventually even if the road is rough.

A melodic anthem for the ones who can never quite give up. His sound has an immersive production, and the aesthetics of the instrumentals are just as impressive as the vocal

delivery, which happens to be the true star of this arrangement, perfectly capturing all of the passion and creative vision that makes Ronald’s music so personal and special. Stay tuned!

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