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D. Moore

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music across all genres worldwide.

D. Moore, a rising artist emerging from the vibrant streets of Jamaica, Queens, New York, presents an arresting fusion of street poetry, profound commentary, and irresistible beats that seize immediate attention. Dubbing his sound “Romance Rap,”

and skillfully navigating the balance between homage to Hip-Hop’s golden age and a contemporary twist, his verses stand as a resounding testament that music can still be led by the flames of love, and he is making waves in the music scene with a

fresh and vibrant sound that infuses elements of funk, jazz, and hip-hop.

D. Moore’s second single, It”It’s All Free,” is a nod to the classic NYC feel-good party music, but with a modern twist that sets his music apart. The use of live instruments in creating their tracks adds a dynamic and energetic dimension that will

surely captivate and resonate with listeners. ”It’s All Free,” a catchy and reverberating track, is D. Moore’s second step in rekindling the essence of the genre. Stay tuned!

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